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domingo, 11 de diciembre de 2011

The famous "Lita" by Jeffrey Campbell and why do we love it SO much!!!

What on Earth make this shoe so amazing?? 

Something very simple to start with: 

- The possibility to see the world from over 10 cm higher
-A comfort that makes it difficult to wear any other heels after the Lita!

Add to that add a gorgeous original design with a disco feel to it and tones of different colours and patterns and here you have a dream of a shoe... 

the "Lita" by Jeffrey Campbell.

The classic black Lita
Leopard pony hair and pink Lita

Wearing the Tartan Lita

Leopard pony hair Lita

Wine velvet Lita

Multi-glitter Lita

Wearing the pewter Lita

Wearing the pewter Lita

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2 comentarios:

  1. I just bought the last pair of Pewter Lita in sz 9 from Nasty girl. hope i like them.

    1. I hope you like them too! For my part I absolutly adore them and they go with everything! x