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jueves, 24 de noviembre de 2011

Nail polishes of the moment...

It seems that there is more and more incredible colours of nail polishes all the time, at least enough to make it hard to choose!!!
This is part of my collection, the ones I loved soo much I actually decided to buy and that I wear the most!

Chanel always makes incredible colours and are the ones to launch colour trends so when one Chanel nail colour comes out, you usually have to wait a bit before being able to find a similar colour in other brands, but they always do come though! 

In terms of quality, I find that O.P.I, Mavala, Essie or Butter London are amazing . They do not damage your nails as much, hold on well and are nice and shiny.

Mavala is great because the bottles are small and if you like to change colours a lot you will waste less product (I have never finished a nail polish bottle in my life!!! Have you? Ever?) and they are easy to carry in your bag for SOS retouch or to take on holidays! They also have a very wide range of beautiful colours and nail care.

Velvet and Black Oyster from Mavala - Holiday Glow from O.P.I

This is a Colette special edition by USLU Airlines. It smells of the famous fig scent of the store too! Got it last Christmas at Colette (Paris).

Black Pearl and Blue Satin from Chanel - Vertigo Red from Mavala

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